A walk through our Parish

St. Diogo’s Church caters to the neighboring villages of Guirim and Sangolda. Located 2 kms from Mapusa, one cannot miss this magnificient church while travessing the National Highway. On 14th November 2004 – the feast day of the Patron of our Parish, the Parish Community with its then Parish Priest Fr. Agnelo Mendes joyfully celebrated the completion of 400 years of St. Diogo Church. For over four centuries the Church has fostered participatory cooperation between the parishioners. Our parishioners are firmly rooted in genuine faith, sustained by Christian hope and committed to loving service of each other in the Church and the Society.

Typically, attached on the left is the sacristy, the vestry, a garden, surrounded by offices of the Parish, the Vicar’s living quarters, kitchen and a well. Located on the right is the side entrance to the church like many other churches in Goa. Also located on the side is the cemetery with the timeless phrase on the arched transom of the doorway that reads in Kokani ‘Aiz Maka, Faleam Tuka’ (lit.trans: Today for me, tomorrow for You).

Facing the church is the Cross that stands in monumental white-washed glory, surrounded by a compound wall around with access to the church from four sides: from the back, from the Guirim side, from Sangolda side and from the front with steps that lead to the road through the vast fields to the east with a magnificent view of the hills of Sucorro and Porvorim.

Aerial view Front St Diogo Church Aerial view Road Side St Diogo Church