Covid-19 Advisory

Archbishop's Message Regarding COVID-19

Archbishop’s Circular regarding COVID – 19 (CP-Cir/13/2020)

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Dear Friends,
Greetings from Diocesan Centre for Social Communications Media.
Hope These few words find you in good health and in good spirits during this moment of crisis. May the Risen Lord Guide and Protect you.
The Diocesan Lay Apostolate under the directorship of Fr. Jorge Fernandes has prepared liturgy for the Novenas of the Holy Cross (click here). Feel free to use and distribute it to the people.
Regards and Prayers
Fr. Barry Cardozo
Hi, Good evening Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus.
Let this Tridium of Holy Days, be a family Celebration, Consecration and sanctification of your bonding and relationship with God and your family members, thereafter your community oneness.
I do assure you my wholehearted prayers everyday and in future. When I celebrate the Eucharist and hold Jesus Body and blood in my hand, I remember each and every family. I lift your family and your needs and sufferings to God Almighty that you all may remain close to Him and to your Family members, as Jesus said, "That they all may be One"
Kindly see the attached file for your family holiness, thanks and God bless you all.
At your service
Fr. Jorge fernandes
Director, DCLA.



The lockdown period due to Coronavirus-19 is a golden opportunity for us to strengthen the spiritual bonds of the families in our Parishes. Small Christian Communities seek to work together to bring about the spiritual, moral, social growth of families. This is a painful time that we cannot socialise, but surely, we can spiritually and morally strengthen one another in our communities, wards and Parish.

I sincerely request all my Brother Priests, PPC members, SCC team leaders to be concerned about one another and strive to build our Domestic Spiritual Church in our Parishes during these difficult times. This is certainly a golden opportunity to build SCCs, BECs and SHCs.

Kindly Note: 10 POINTS

  1. Parish Priests do pray for and phone all your Parish Council members and enquire about their health and other needs.
  2. Parish Priests could call up all their parishioners to find out about their wellbeing in this painful-panic situation and ask about their needs.
  3. Parish Priests could call their Brother Priests in their Deanery and show concern for one another and their Parish Pastoral situation.
  4. PPC Ex-Co. should call all their PPC members and ask about their needs. They can organise how to reach out voluntarily to their parishioners without violating the lockdown guidelines.
  5. PAT Team can call all their CAT members and ask about their health and organise how to reach out to their families through volunteers appointed by the government and civic authorities.
  6. CAT to call all the families in their communities and find about their health and needs.
  7. CAT to identify the families who need spiritual, medical and material assistance in your own Somudai For medical and material needs, they can reach out to families through volunteers appointed by the government and civic authorities.
  8. Family members to call their neighbours and find out about their health, food and other needs.
  9. Families should spend time in prayer, to pray for their near and dear ones and their neighbours.
  10. Family members should pray for all the doctors, nurses, police, media, journalists, volunteers, government authorities and all those providing essential services these days.

At Your Service,
Fr. Jorge Fernandes
Director, DCLA


Dear brother priests,

I thought it would be good to share the following information with you.

According to the AIIMS, our country is at present at stage 2 of the Coronavirus disease. The disease is spreading from those who have come in contact with persons carrying it from travel abroad in India or from areas affected in India to other towns and cities.

USA is at stage 3, where community based transmissions have begun, while EU, Europe, Italy and UK are at epidemic or stage 4.

Therefore, the Govt. of India and every State are advising minimum movement and practicing social distancing, so as to avoid stage 3 in our country. Our health system cannot deal with 10000 infections in a single day, if it happens in Goa.

Stage 3 is expected to blow off or blow out, by April first week to second week, hence these two weeks are very critical to maintain watch and practice social distancing.

If not, we expect a full lockdown, area wise.

Thus, please advice your parishioners not to congregate, but to practice social distancing, to sanitize/wash hands with soap regularly and to avoid going out of their homes unnecessarily.

As per studies conducted on those affected by Coronavirus worldwide, it has been noted that those aged above 60 years and those with illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease, etc. are most vulnerable, that is, they are affected the most and also have poorer outcomes.

Those who have come from Gulf or UK or EU or US or from other States of India since Feb 15 should be told not to venture out.

Please STRICTLY FOLLOW the directives of the Archbishop and of the Govt. health authorities, for your good n for the common good.

May God bless and protect us all!

Fr. Romeo Monteiro