Temptation: Hand offering an apple.

Conquer Temptations Be Much More Like Jesus

Temptations and trials of life are to prove us: they are for a good purpose. What is that purpose? To make us stronger and more pure. When we conquer temptation, we become a much more pure person – more holy, righteous and just. When we triumphantly go through the trials of life, we become a much stronger person more steadfast, enduring and persevering. By conquering temptations, we become much more like Jesus.

Temptations is not a sin, but rather it is the giving into temptation which becomes sin. Adam and Eve were tempted with the promise of greatness. They fell! We should not expose ourselves to temptation.

Temptation is resistible. Jesus was tempted, but he did not yield.
Temptation is universal. It is common to everyone. The temptations which you may now face are not unique. The same kind of temptation has been faced and successfully overcome by thousands of other people.

Knowledge of the Word of God is key to resisting temptation in our lives, just it was in the life of Jesus. Pray for divine help with God’s help we can resist all temptations.

Our efforts to resist temptation will always be rewarded. The path of life is not an easy path to walk. It is filled with all kinds of temptations, trials, sickness, accidents, disappointments, sorrows, suffering and death.

There is something else. Whenever we give in to a temptation, it takes power from us, but when we resist a temptation we take power from it. The devil wants to take power from us, to make us weak, but when we resist him, we gain strength. If we unite ourselves to Jesus, we can achieve true happiness.

Fr. Anand da Gama Pais


Good News of Great Joy


‘The Word became a human person, and full of grace and truth, lived among us’ (Jn 1:14)

A child’s innocent, sweet smile brings joy and hope even in the most dire situations. A child’s smile dispels darkness because it ushers in another world. A child is a cause of joy, a messenger of hope. It brings good news. For us human beings the birth of the saviour seems too wonderful, yet we know this is exactly what happened more than two thousand years ago in that stable of Bethlehem. And the poor, humble shepherds were the first ones privileged to receive the good news. God’s love for man was so great that He could not leave him in his miserable sad state of being a slave to sin and to the powers of evil, Jesus in Emmanuel, ‘God with us’ God’s purpose in creating us was that we live in Him by loving Him and loving one another. That means we have a great responsibility to recognise His presence in us and in our neighbours. The ideal way to celebrate Christmas is to make room for the saviour of this world and in our lives. Christmas is not a time or season, but a state of mind. To have the real spirit of Christmas is to love, share and be at peace with God and others. When we open our hearts to the lonely and the frustrated and extend a helping hand to the poor and the sick, we have spirit of Christmas.

How am I going to celebrate Christmas this year? Only with a beautiful dress and new pair of shoes? By making a crib and hanging a star? By making some sweets? Are we not going to clean our heart with a good confession? And empty it to receive Jesus? Can we keep Jesus there only or are we going to share the good news of the Lord with great joy? Let Christmas be Christmas this year! Wishing you all a Christ filled Christmas!!!

Fr. Anand da Gama Pais

Mission Sunday 2019

We Are All Missionaries

On 20th October, all over the world we celebrate the ‘Mission Sunday’. These men and women who have left their families, security, comfort in order to proclaim the gospel to the whole world. These men and women have taken seriously the commission of Jesus to go and make disciples of all nations. We celebrate their heroic witness to faith, love for Jesus Christ and the Church and their deep love for all people.

When we hear the words ‘Mission Sunday’ we often ask rhetorically ‘can the appeal for money be far behind? The answer is “no”. We appeal for money to support the missions. We ask you to give generously and become engaged in the works of the missions and share in the missionary work of the Church. Today we have the opportunity to pay a call on the generous help and be a part of this missionary effort. What is most significant in what each of us do by our prayers and offerings is that we won’t enjoy immediate results or public recognition. Responding to Mission Sunday is a great act of faith in our giving and praying the good that we participate is hidden from our eyes. What we sow today will be reaped by others on some distant place. We must be content with the belief that God’s grace will multiply our generosity and prayers, so the word of the gospel will continue and grow.

We can in our own way can make a significant way, even today, by our own exemplary lives. God has given us our body, and we can use our mind, ears, eyes, tongue, heart, hands to proclaim Christ. Whether in our homes where we live, in schools and colleges where we learn, in offices where we work, in the Church and society where we can be a true witness. People who look at us, see the radiating Christ. This Christ in us will bring many people more closer to Him. Even the non-believers will be drawn towards Him. Jesus clearly indicates that in our missionary work, we are protected by the Father’s love. Be a good missionary and God will bless you hundredfold!

-Fr. Anand da Gama Pais