shalona menezes

Shalona Menezes – Eminent Parishioner

“The Profession of fashion designing is respectable and highly paid.”

Three years back she designed the dresses of Confirmation students which were very much appreciated. She is the daughter of late Felix Savio Menezes and of Felicidade Menezes from Agnivaddo Guirim. She has a younger brother Shane Menezes. She has done her XII Arts and studies in fashion-designing at Stenodac Institute Margao, presently she is working as Fashion and Garment Technology Instructor at Margao. Meet Shalona Menezes, the fashion-designer who shares the various aspects of her profession.

PRERNA: Shalona, what made you choose Fashion Designing as your profession?
SHALONA: It came from my family. My mother was a tailor and that aspiration to be like her influenced my thinking. But I always wanted to be a teacher. As an instructor, I can still teach, and fashion designing is much more than just being a tailor.

PRERNA: According to you, what is the difference between the old fashions that were prevailing and the new fashions that are existing now?
SHALONA: Regarding old fashions they were there for a long time until the next one came, but the new fashions keep on changing. The old fashion were much more modest and were made suitable for each individual. But the new fashions are mostly vulgar, coming in free size and you can make a choice.

PRERNA: What do people prefer, the stitched clothes or the ready made garments?
SHALONA: Some people still prefer stitched clothes for they are more durable and made of their liking. Where as ready made dresses look good but are not durable.

PRERNA: What is your role as a fashion designer?
SHALONA: I ask people the purpose of the dress and where they will be wearing it. And accordingly I prepare the design. These dresses should be according to the occasion.

PRERNA: What is your advice to those who want o take up this profession?
SHALONA: You can design yours and dresses of suitable customers. You don’t have to work under anybody but you are independent and now a days this profession of fashion designing is much more respectable and highly paid. I feel proud to be a fashion designer. You can also choose this profession and be proud of it.

Shalona Menezes

Stenodac Institute of Fashion Designing and Garment Technology Student Shalona, with her own outfit designed and stitched by her. A part of her Training during the Fashion Designing Course.