Parish News

Although the parish activities have almost stopped because of the deadly Corona Virus, yet they are slowly trying to emerge. We had a few activities in the last few weeks.

19th December 2020: The Monte de Guirim Fathers conducted a recollection for our Youth and forty of our parish youth who took part really had a good prayerful time. The most important part of the recollection were confession and
anointing them with the holy spirit.

28th December 2020: On the day dedicated to the Holy Innocents, we had a special mass for children.

29th December 2020: Amass was organised and small gifts were presented to the Senior Citizens and special prayers were offered for them.

30th January 2021: On Peace Day a Cleanliness Drive was conducted for our Parish Youth with the theme: Clean my Church Surroundings, where in 21 Youth participated. It was fun and refreshments and exciting prizes were given
to the participants.

31st January 2021: An exhibition football match was organised on Sangolda grounds between the Capuchin Fathers and St. Diogo’s Parish Youth. The youth being young and energetic won the match with a huge margin.