Sun after 10:15 am mass



Weekdays, before and after morning mass


Communion to the sick and old

Second and Fourth Sunday

Main Altar St Diogo Church


Weekdays (Konkani) :7:00 am

Sunday masses:

Konkani: 7: 00 am

Children's Mass: 9:00 am (Konkani)

Parish Youth Mass: 10:15 am (English)

Vancio Chapel: Week - 7:00 am | Sun - 7:00 am, 8:15 am

Monte de Guirim Chapel: Week - 6:15 am |Sun-7:00 am

Fatima Sisters: Mon - 8:30 am | Thu - 6:30  am

St. Anthony's Chapel: Sun - 7:00 am

Mae de Deus Chapel: Sun - 7:00 am

Livrament Chapel: Sun - 7:00 am

Prayer Service: Wed - 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Holy Hour: Friday - 6:00 pm

Baptism Catechesis: Sat: 9:00 am

Marriage: Please inform at least 3 months in advance

Blessing of vehicles: After week day mass

Anointing of the sick: According to need

NB: Special Masses & Novena timings will be announced on the homepage


Mass at St Diogo Church
Sitting Area St Diogo Church

St. Diogo Church

Founded: 1604

Formerly known as: Sao Diogo Igreja em Guirim, Goa

Parish strength:  5500+



Fr. Anand da Gama Pais (Parish Priest) - 9822182777

Fr. Asterio Castelino (Chaplain) - 9850621621


Parish office staff:

​Andrea Franco - 9822389601

Roque D'Souza - 9673682780

Philip D'souza - 9673682780

Philomena Fernandes - 9923826220


Associate chapels:

Vancio Chapel

Monte de Guirim Chapel

St. Anthony's chapel

Mae de Deus Chapel

Livrament Chapel